Thursday, 13 January 2011

Make a Boob Update

Things have definitely been happening in Boob-land lately, amongst other things:
The project has got an official thread sponsor; the lovely representative for G├╝termann generously sent me a box of thread. Now, a box of thread could be anything couldn’t it, but this box contained no less that 103 spools of thread! My kind of box indeed! If you want to see what 103 spools of thread look like you’ll find them here. Be warned though, involuntary drooling might occur.

And I’ve got boobs from
Victoria at Bumble Beans Inc (posted here)

Trish Metcalfe at Compulsive Quilting (posted here)
My fellow guild members Judith and Britt (posted here)
Terri of QuiltsNCards is also making more boobs; have a look at the inspirational way she’s been modelling them, it sure made me laugh.-)

And I’ve got more bling; lace and ribbons from Siw, also a fellow guild member (posted here)

and I did a little shopping therapy myself as well.

Thank you so much to all of you, ladies; you’ll find more pictures at the Make a Boob blog.

And last; in case I have not made it clear: yes, I do want you to make boobs for the project; you can read more here.

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  1. Nina Lise, love your boobs ;-) (Sure hope that doesn't ever get mentioned out of context...ha ha) Thanks to Gutermann for all the lovely spools of thread!