Thursday, 17 February 2011

Big hot turkey

On January 16 I tried curing my knitting obsession by going cold turkey. I’m not sure I did all that well; you’ll be the judge.

I did say I would go back to knitting making premature hats when the crazy had passed. Well I did. 13 premie hats. And 12 premie blankets. Maybe the crazy did not pass after all.

Our family has had 3 little girls staying at the local premature ward and all of them wearing tiny hand knitted woolly hats. Knitting all the hats this winter made me think of those tiny hats, so I thought I might as well do something useful as I was knitting anyway. A quick phone call to the premature ward confirmed that they always need hats for little heads between 26cm and 36cm (approx 10 ¼”-14 ¼”) in circumference. And off I went.
Teeny tiny hats are actually harder to knit than bigger ones; the yarn is thinner and the needles thinner and shorter so knitting puts more strain to arms and shoulders. So, why not knit a few incubator blankets as well? Sure, a little search on the web confirmed they need those as well. And off I went; finishing one and casting on another and another. Well, you get the picture.
I’m all done now and hoping to drop them off at the hospital soon. I’m afraid I’ll be tempted to start another blanket as long as the bag is standing right here next to me. Maybe I should put them in the car…


  1. This is a lovely craziness, and the babies and their mothers will be so pleased! I'm knitting socks at the moment, it is also very addicting.

  2. Don´t ever stop beeing crazy!! In fact, the world needs more hats!!! Great work girl!!

  3. Did you stop eating and sleeping? Or how did you manage to knit such an amount of stuff in such a short time?
    Gorgeous hats and blankies, I´m sure the hospital will be very pleased!!


  4. You rock! The world needs your kind of "crazy"!

  5. They are so lovely and I'm sure they will be much appreciated!

  6. You are good crazy! Or should that be You are good, Crazy! Love Knits - that's what they are.

  7. You are incredible!!! They will be so thrilled to have all of that handmade love for the little preemies! Our guild just had a preemie challenge and 45 quilts were made for the local hospital.
    I just love that grey ribbed hat - how adorable.