Monday, 14 February 2011

Boob Love

For Valentine’s Day I’d like to share a little Boob Love with you; around 40 boobs and a little bling to go with them; beats flowers any day of the week - except for yesterday which was Mother’s Day here and I actually got flowers from daughter. Love them too!

So, how does a stack of 40+ boobs look like; quite impressive I’d say!
Here’s boobs and bling from (click the link for the post on the Make a Boob Blog)
Inger Marie

Anne of Hundvåg Hobby
And; I got sugar free chocolates from Krista; they are definitely not going to last as long as the boobs.

Another great week in Boob-land!

And, on a totally different topic, Julie asked me how my name is pronounced. Although I tried to answer her question, I kept thinking of it while being sick (too much time on my hands...) so here it goes:
Ni-na (i as in pink, a as in car)
Li-se (i as in pink, e as in get)
Mo-en (o as in woman, e as in get)

I think that’s as close as I get; the o was the trickiest sound to match and the i’s are more like English ee’s, but there you go. I have vague memories of a sound system (phonetics??) from English classes, but yeah, that was a while ago.

Now say it out loud.-)


  1. That is a handsome pile of boobs! I hope there will be many, many more.
    Your pronuncation guide sounds prefect to me, as I think I know how to pronounce your name and those English words. I have used the same method as I don't know how to type the phonetic signs.

  2. It's just as I imagined it would sound! That's a fantastic stack of boobs!

  3. That is some good looking boobs.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  4. What a wonderful sweet project that is going on with the boobs. Hopefully a cure to breast cancer will be found real soon.
    Hugs to you...Dogwood

  5. Hello Nina Lise, I just found your blog when reading about the boobs at Ulla's blog. What a nice and good idea. I'll start to sew also a few ones for you!

  6. So does each name have two pronounced syllables? I just have to be as authentic as possible, you know!