Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Intuition Quilt, Day Eight

The leftover flowery strip from “View from the park” for the left border of my Intuition Quilt was about 9” short, so I needed a 9 ½”*9 ½” square to complete the border. I collected every little piece of fabric (still from the one and only box of scraps I'm using for this project) which could sort of work with the greens and started puzzling them together. The pieces in the mid section were leftover from a fusible appliqué project, “Gridded circle” and had to be pressed with caution. You’ll find more pictures of the process on my post at 15 Minutes Play.
When the left border was complete, I started auditioning fabric to add the bottom border which I had turned the wrong way. That’s batik fabrics for you.
And at last, adding a little heart from my self made fabric; little scraps of fabric sandwiched between two layers of grey organza, then two layers of wash away stabilizer and free motion stitched together with silver metallic thread. I made the fabric for a quilt back in 2006 and have quite a bit left over.
Also; you may have noticed that I’ve got the top-in-progress up on my design wall - a flannel sheet hung on two nails on top of our dining room artwork. It works just fine; in fact I wouldn’t mind just leaving it up there.


  1. This is a fun process to watch. My design wall is a flannel sheet tacked to the wall in my sewing room. It gets so much use. One time I took down blocks that had been there for several days of rearranging and found a sweet note from a daughter who had been for a visit. It's still pinned there for me to see every day.

  2. This is looking amazing. I love the play between the cool/warm fabric areas.

  3. This is turning into a most amazing piece. Daughter will love it. I certainly do. Xox corrine