Friday, 18 February 2011


The string blocks are ready to be merged with 1 ½” strips of pink fabric cut for this project about 2 years ago. Most of the pinks were purchased for an Aunt Grace challenge with lots of other 30ies prints. What can I say; intentions and reality - not exactly the same is it; I didn’t make my Aunt Grace quilt. It did look great in my head though and I think I have sketches lying around somewhere just in case. They did design a lot of cool stuff back in the 30ies; furniture, houses, cars, aprons. Anyway, some of the fabrics have been used for baby quilts, but most of them have been pining around in my stash. Well, pine no more, 30ies pinks, your time is now.

The pinks are a bit (to me) unusual tone wise and one of them quite busy, but hopefully they will all read as pink with all the scraps.
And these little cut offs; well, I do have a plan for them...


  1. It'll be fun to see how you combine these bold stripes with the soft pastels. I think many of us have some Aunt Gracie dreams unfulfilled. You may set a trend on how to use them!

  2. Your little preemie blankets and hats are so cute. What a generous thing you are doing. Looking forward to seeeing the pinks added to the strings. And I really can't wait to see what you do with those cut offs!

  3. The pink strips must be so happy that their time has come!

  4. I (heart) the colors and vintage prints.
    Looks like a fun project.
    Smiles to you and have a fun weekend.

  5. Love your merging and I am definitely in love with pink right now, so it is welcome to see it. Your stash of beads is quite cool also. Those should look marvelous on the boobs. xox Corrine