Friday, 18 March 2011

And a B it is

The B for Brenda is finished, yeeey. It took much longer than I expected though. I guess all that getting up from the chair added quite a few minutes to the sewing, cutting and pressing time. Yeah, I have to get up from my machine to cut as well, not just to press. It’s all part of my brilliant un-stiffening master plan which by the way, works very well.
The blue fabric should have been fuzzy cut to keep the words “world wide web”, but I only had a little scrap so I guess this WE is only ORLD WIDE (I hope I did not write something obscene just now...). Oh well; I’m proud of my first pieced letter anyway.

Now I’ll just have to take this to the post office and I can cross one thing off my list. No, this doesn’t mean I can add something new to the list yet. I checked.


  1. I wasn't sure how the B would come out of yesterdays pieces, but it turned out great. Lots of piecing required on this one. Letters are complicated,yes? I suspect your list is pretty long anyway, so not adding is probably more than okay. xox Corrine

  2. it looks fabulous. thanks for doing this. I should tell you that I don't always press every little seam when making letters, since they're meant to be wonky anyway. thanks for participating. and I love the fabric!

  3. Love your B! I think "We" is better than web any day! I read somewhere that getting up and sitting down multiple times is thinning, but I didn't even think about that unstiffening thing. I could use some of that!

  4. B...eautiful! Your letter turned out great. I'm amazed at your getting up and down so much when you are sewing...good for you!

  5. vart frista til å lage ein B for Bente også - har berre godt av trimmen!

  6. I love it.
    Beautiful B.
    Looks fabulous against the white background.
    Happy days to you.
    Hugs, Cory/Dogwood