Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The string test

I had to put the string blocks up on the wall before I tucked them away again.

I like the soft pinks with the anything goes string blocks. My initial plan of making side borders from 30ies pink squares might have to go though. Right now I’m thinking brown, medium value brown, or maybe blue.


  1. The anything goes string blocks looks great on the wall! Brown and/or blue, they both will do!

  2. I love pink with brown! But blue would also look nice.

  3. Anything goes looks anything great to me. Either border would look fab, but would change the tone, I am sure you have a mood in mind for this.....xox Corrine

  4. oh my that is so beautiful.
    i think any color as a border would be lovely!
    you are so talented and i love all your creations. keep up the good work and share it all with us!

  5. This looks great! I do like the pinks.

  6. Love it. I vote for the brown but I'm sure whatever you do will be perfect. Wouldn't it be fun to paint our walls as vibrantly as we quilt!