Friday, 1 April 2011

Design a block Block

Here’s my block for the Design a block Challenge. As you can see I stayed within the moody colour range, so it’s a bit on the cold side colour wise. That’s ok; not everything can be orange and bright. It was a very interesting challenge indeed, so thanks Victoria! All the pushing and stretching of my comfort zone make me wonder if I even have one anymore, but then I’m reminded that there are quite a few things that are still outside my zone; some will definitely stay out there. At least for now...


  1. Moody it is, but another interesting move in a more complex direction. Cool! xox Corrine

  2. Nice! I like the strong diagonal lines a lot.

  3. Herlig blokk du har laget. Jeg får en følelse av at jeg vil klatre opp stigen........
    Ønsker deg en strålende helg.