Thursday, 28 April 2011

Stacks of coins

We don’t have many quilts on our walls at home (it’s cluttered enough already with fabrics and projects I guess), but there are a few adorning the pine walls of our cabin, like this Chinese coins quilt from 2001.

I pieced all the strips together in one direction which made the bars a bit askew. I could have straightened them, but I liked the little leaning towers. I tried quilting the bars in a paisley-ish pattern that I used to doodle back in school.
The scraps and the blue border and sashing are thrifted fabrics so there are not many quilting fabrics in the quilt, maybe 4-5. It’s strange; I remember each and every one of these fabrics and where I got them, but now I find fabric in my stash I swear I have never seen before. What can I say; hi, my name is Nina Lise and I’m a hoarder. Not fabric hoarder; just plain big old hoarder.

I used the quilt as a sample for a scrap workshop a few years ago and husband put it back on the wall. Looking at the pictures I see that the top of the quilt is a bit twisted so it doesn’t hang straight. I’ll have to fix it on our next visit ‘cause now it’s bugging me.


  1. It's great that you can remember all those fabric scraps and their histories. I know what you mean about finding something in your stash and not remembering where it came from - I refer to that as mental-pause.
    xox Corrine

  2. beautiful quilt. Can't believe you remember where it's all from!

  3. I knew I liked you for some reason! I'm a hoarder, too. Toilet tissue cardboards, empty containers, magazines, oh and cardboard are just some of the things - besides fabric. I do use it all for different craft projects. I don't remember where I got my fabrics, but I do come across some that I can't believe I bought. Ick - what was I thinking.
    Love your stack of coins. I gotta make one of those... It might make a nice wedding quilt... we wish you lots of money.

  4. Sounds like your fabric is reproducing in your stash while you sleep. It does that in my house, too. Finding new fabric in your stash is a special little gift, don't you think?

  5. Gillar verkligen din "hög av pengar" ...lite skevt och "vingligt".
    Hmmm...här finns inte så mycket tyger i lager så jag minns också varje tygbit...och det är så mysigt!