Friday, 29 April 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge, April

The theme for April has been “Branching out - out on a limb”. I still enjoy a little glue and scissors play, so I have made a couple of sketches.

The first one is a simple tree shape cut from junk mail with a little bird perching on a tiny little branch by itself instead of nesting in the safe tree crown. Yeah, I can feel it.

The other one, “Now, listen!” is a raw sketch based on this picture.
I fell in love with these two trees over Easter. Don’t they look like an old and wise one giving advice to a young one? They reminded me of my daughter and me, I can hear us through the branches; obviously I don’t have that much moss yet, but anyway. I would love to make a fiber art quilt based on the picture at some point.The sketch is made from a newspaper and a marker. Transferring the image into paper was not as easy as I thought though, but it will do for a first sketch.

Got to run; I have to drop grandson off at kindergarten, get the winter tyres off before the deadline on Monday and a little shopping to do. Wednesday night at the guild meeting I was informed that the guild, Rogaland Quiltelag, will be sponsoring the Make a Boob project with lots of embellishments and I get to pick and choose myself. Happy Friday to all of you.-)


  1. Fascinating! You are so creative. Love the trees....they do look like they are talking to each other. Just looked at your last post too and love the coin quilt. So many fun fabrics.

  2. hehe, 'obviously I don't have that much moss yet'. You've got the greatest sense of humour!!

  3. Verkligen "listen to me now young man" :o)

  4. FANTASTIC. Those sketches are wonderful and that old tree/young tree is just a WOW. xox Corrine

  5. I love these sketchbook pages you share!