Friday, 13 May 2011

A growing collection

I have been updating the Make a Boob blog in a few big chunks over a couple of months, but first I would like to pick your brains about something.

I heard from one lady who was seriously offended by the very existence of this project, and I have been thinking a lot about what or even if I would answer her. I feel very strongly that I will not defend, justify or apologize for my artistic work; someone will love it, others will hate it, and most people will probably be totally indifferent and that’s ok; I will make art any way I like. This is my blog about my work; there’s no democracy here and no one’s going to be voted off the island. Symbolic fabric boobs might not be everyone’s cup of tea; but a lot of women of all ages and walks of life love the idea. Make a Boob is for them; it’s really that simple. That being said; this project, including the name, was approved by the Norwegian Cancer Association up front. And don’t be fooled; while I might approach life with a touch of humor, I am always serious about my work.

I would love to hear your opinion; do you feel you need to defend your work, or should people simply just leave any offending page (web, magazine, book) and move on?

Anyway; these wonderful and generous Make a Boob contributions are from (click the names to go the posts at the Make a Boob blog)
Hobby & Terapi
Liv Ingunn
Liv Kirsten
Eva & Grete
Rogaland Quiltelag
A big Thank you to each and every one of you; your support and encouragement means the world to me!


  1. I am always surprised that people leave posts that are negative or berating on someone's blog. Our blogs are a reflection of our life, loves and creativeness not to be critiqued, but enjoyed. I thoroughly enjoy all your creativeness and am in awe of how much you accomplish and how caring you are of others. Keep up the good work!

  2. I can only feel sorry for a reader that can’t see the humor in the name of this very serious project and I applaud you for all the effort you put into making this amazing boob quilt! I respect anyones creativeness and I love to see the project taking shape!

    We are free to visit blogs, to leave comments and when we don’t agree, we can leave. Like we can put down a book or switch of the TV when we don’t like something we read or see.

  3. I'm completely confused......why is this so offensive to this person??? I am truly baffled.

  4. I think that person may be a troll, just posting something mean just to get you stirred up. Best advice is to ignore them.

    You are doing a wonderful service with this project!

  5. I, too, am surprised anyone would be offended by this project. Perhaps the person in question misunderstood the humor behind the name? Who knows. I do think you are right about this being your project, your blog. And seeing that on top of it all the project has been approved by the Norwegian Cancer Association, that adds even more to its *respectability*, wouldn't you say?

    While here, could you just clarify something for us all? Have you extended the deadline for this project? Do I understand that we have until the end of August 2011 to send in our contributions?

  6. Fortsätt med dina fantastiska projekt. Din konst sätter sig över sådana här små "negativa stråk"..........ingenting att lägga energi på. Ruska på dig, borsta av dig och .... låt dina nya ideér blomma!!!

  7. Your project is a great one. Besides you are not obliging people to take part in it. If someone doesn't approve of it, it is his/her problem, not yours. Do not be concerned, you can not make every body happy and generally people like to criticize (are they envious?).
    Full force ahead!

  8. Just imagine you would need to ask for approving for every single post ... you would not post a single thing anymore! Honestly, we have a saying over here in Germany, that goes like this: To please everyone is something nobody can do. Therefore, that poor lady may have a reason why she's not happy with "Make a boop" - but that's her personal problem. NOT yours.