Monday, 30 May 2011

Safe prayers

I have been revisiting the prayer flags in our back yard lately.There is not much left of the bright happy splashes of colour from last summer, but the beauty is far from gone.
Whitened, softened, ragged, and twistedcompared to how they started out. You can read more about them here.
I had to exercise quite a bit of self control not straightening anything.I have no idea whether the ink has disappeared or not, but my prayers are still safely stitched in between the layers.
It has been one of Those weeks. I’m not much of an anniversary-celebrator, but some dates are etched into your life whether you like it or not. I’m happy to put another 356 days between us; now I can sleep properly again.

The weekend was brilliant; I had the whole house to myself and got lots of work done. I find such weekends revitalize me to no end; it’s good to be a bit egocentric every now and then isn’t it.


  1. Your prayer flags are incredible, and a convincing argument for NOT hanging quilts in direct sunlight!

  2. Hi Nina- I love your prayer flags... they are so different from the ones I have made, but have such an interesting texture and design. I am thinking of doing prayer flag curtains in my new studio, and your post reminds me that we all put our prayers out into the wind and hope they are blown in the right direction... have a good day- Vivika

  3. Hi Nina, thanks for the revisit. I still want to make some for my family. Interesting how they have turned white and I love the texture that is happening.

  4. To me they are absolutely gorgeous even if the color has faded beyond recognition. They are still beautiful. These carry another lesson for the erosion bundle project :)

  5. Like faded beauties dancing in the wind. Will you turn them into a quilt a la spirit cloth way....slow cloth? xox Corrine

  6. Amazing to see the transformation of your Prayer flags! They are still very beautiful.