Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The barrel

Deep inside my heart there’s a barrel in which every trauma, drama, grief and scary moment of my life is stored. For many years I was totally unaware that it even existed, but I must have used a lot of energy keeping the lid on so tightly.
At discovery the barrel was crammed with scary dense dark wool, but over the years it has been worked on and spun into colourful yarn; every string telling a story.

Every now and then life will snag one of the loose ends poking out and I’ll look at it and say “Oh right, there you are, I remember you”.

Sometimes there’s nothing more to it, other times other strings come attached and I’ll feel, wonder, figure it out and move on.

I find the human psyche fascinating; that it can take care of what is too painful and return it when you’re able to deal with it; sometimes when you’re not all that ready.

I have just started working on one of the longer pieces, hoping that it will roll nicely into a ball sometime in the future. For me making a tangible barrel is a part of the process.
One day it will all be neatly knitted into the colourful piece that is my life, and I wouldn’t be me without each and every stitch; light, dark, plain and fuzzy.


  1. Hi Nina Lise!

    The barrel with some threads peeking out is the best symbol for the soul I saw in years. It´s sooo to the point.
    And if you try to pull out a thread to cope with it, it´s sometimes longer than you´ve thought.
    Hope, your barrel will clean out someday!


  2. Nina Lise, this is the best blogpost I´ve read in a looong time!! You say it just as it is. I wish you good luck with your long thread - I´m sure you´re going to be stronger and wiser after you´ve put it into the very one unique picture that is you. And remember you´re not alone!!!

  3. Just knit a pair of socks with it and while wearing them, stomp on it. We'll keep you in our "thoughts", Nina.

  4. Konstruktivt sätt att hantera känslor som måste portioneras ut för att orkas med........
    Det känns i din konst att du har ett djup.

  5. I read this post early this morning and it stayed with me all day. I had to come back and comment.
    So insightful. My hope is that your barrel is soon empty of any difficult threads.

  6. Ah, and that is why I come back to your blog and read! Your post definitely resonated with me -- so true that even the darker parts help to define who we are! Thanks for another good post!

  7. Thank you. You have put my life in perspective. I've always referred to my collection of issues as a Pandora's box. I think the barrel is a much more positive approach. At least it gives me hope of making something good out of my barrel of wool. Again, Thank You.

  8. I am always intrigued by the way you put into words and quilt pictures exactly what we are all feeling and thinking and experiencing in our own lives. All these "strings" in our barrels certainly make us who we are...for better or worse! I know you'll come through whatever and make the best of it too. Good luck, my friend.

  9. Such a wonderful way to symbolize the soul! Beautiful, and so true!

  10. What a wonderful blog post and a great way of looking at life!