Thursday, 9 June 2011

My space

I’m back in love with my sewing space again and cannot even remember why I moved up to the dining room in the first place. I’m not sure whether to call it a studio or a sewing room, but it’s doesn’t really matter, it’s my space.

I’m big on recycling boxes and keep a few of them around my work area:
One with ready folded and pressed triangles for hanging (saves a lot of time not having to cut and press triangles every time you need them) and one with buttons and little scraps of different fibres

One under the Plexiglas sewing machine table holding things I use all the time
One next to my machine holding threads and scraps (never got around to make one of those pretty fabric ones)
I keep all my almost empty bobbins in a bobbin holder and use them whenever I won’t be bothered by changing the bobbin frequently or just need a seam or two of a colour.
The rest of my bobbins are stored in an inexpensive tackle box in a drawernext to this box with all my machine needles and an empty pill box for used needles

Small pieces of fusible web are stored in a magazine holder; other holders keep patterns and appliqué sheets and different fibres organized.

I have artworks made by friends and loved ones to keep me company like theseand these.
Can you believe I managed to empty 7 of these shelves, and look at them now. However cluttered they might seem though, I know where to find (almost) everything. I’m working on several small gifts at the moment (planning ahead, I’m so proud!!) using the box of scraps on the left for appliqué, the pile in the middle for backgrounds and the one on the right for backings.

Oh, it’s definitely my space!


  1. :) I always wonder what to call it... I say sewing room more often than not. Mine needs a serious tidy and sort nice to see someone else with shelves at capacity too.. :)

  2. Deilig og ha det litt organisert når man jobber :-) Og så deilig at det finnes bokser og legge ting i.
    Ønsker deg en strålende dag.

  3. Congratulations on reclaiming your space! Looks like you are getting everything totally organized. I should do the same...

  4. Looks pretty organized to me. Always a struggle to keep it functional I find. Now I have set-up the new one. xox Corrine

  5. Don't you just love being able to put your hands on things you are looking for...immediately! I hate wasting time due to being unorganized with my sewing and crafting stuff. Love the use of containers. I do the same thing.
    Have a nice evening.

  6. Great ideas for organizing the chaos in the sewing room. I'll go and find a pill box for my broken needles right now!

  7. No wonder you are so creative....your SPACE is so neat and orderly and condusive to lots of creativeness! I love to sew when my room is neat and tidy and I can find everything easily without digging through mounds of stuff. Of course, it doesn't seem to stay that way for long. Love the little pigs.