Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Vivika wrote me a mail a few days ago about a project she was starting, The Prayer Flag Project. She is making one prayer flag every day in the month of June and invited people to join in. I love the idea of prayers blowing in the wind all over the world like the ones in my garden. Now, committing to creating one flag a day for a whole month would be a problem with my current workload, but I will be making 14 and post them over the next two weeks.

I’m not always fond of changes (even good ones) and with all of the changes going on in my life my flags will be about that. I have chosen this old bag of thrifty fabric scraps as my material using these elements in each flag, the prayers written of pieces of yellow fabric stitched in between the layers.

You’ve got to have courage for change to happen.


  1. Detta är intressant. Skriver man sin bön i mellanlagret?
    Har en balkong...där vill jag hänga min "flag" i sommar.

  2. Yes, Courage is a good thing to have. Thank you for adding your prayers to the wind... and now we have 5 people internationally participating in the project. You can add your photos to my flickr group "the Prayer Flag Project" if you'd like...

  3. Wonderful project, wish I had time right now to do it, I can't even get up to the garden to plant this year, oh well... we can't do everything. xox Corrine