Wednesday, 15 June 2011


You’ve got to have faith to let change happen.

And yes, I do write my prayers on pieces of fabrics and stitch them between the layers. You can write or stitch your prayers inside or outside as you wish; there are no rules. I chose this solution because I have people coming into our yard with who I am just fine not sharing my inner thoughts and hopes and dreams. Now, wasn’t that diplomatic.-)

OK, now I've got Wham! playing in the back of my head.


  1. I've been enjoying family and away from the computer for a few days so have missed reading blogs for awhile. Seems you have been quite busy. Love the kissed by the sun project. Amazing what the sun can do to fabric! I've always loved your prayer flags and "someday" I'm going to start my own flags fluttering in the wind. Yes! I agree....change is HARD!!!

  2. Another beauty, Nina. I don't write the actual prayers on the fabric, either, but say them over the piece and then post a description. I'm with you... some things are just too personal. But then again, some things aren't...