Saturday, 11 June 2011

Make a Boob at Rogaland Quiltelag

I did my first big Make a Boob workshop at the May guild meeting of Rogaland Quiltelag, and it was such a success that I was asked to do another during the breast cancer awareness month in October.

I set up the stuff at a table; those travelling with boobs do not travel lightly I’ll tell you, and I didn’t even bring everything. It’s quite a pretty smorgasbord isn’t it!

Boobs (about 100 of them) and plates and spoons,
beads and buttons and flowers,
lace and yarn
and floss
I started the workshop by talking a little about the background of Make a Boob and how it has been organized and invited the ladies off to pick and choose boobs and bling. It was like watching kids in a candy store.

The ladies at work
My boob in progress

Some of the decorated boobs; everything from punk to Dali; pure eyecandy!
It’s great to be off and running and seeing the fruits of all my (and your) labour. Having worked on this project since November, I’m still learning a lot and enjoy seeing the idea coming alive. And most of all I feel grateful for your contribution making beautiful boobs and donating bling; it’s your effort that made this project possible. Thank you so much!


  1. Love the picture of the embellished boobs! You rock Mrs Moen!

  2. Fabulous. Loved reading about, and seeing photographs, of the next part. Thanks.

  3. Fabulous. Great project. Love seeing all the photos. Enjoy and smile.

  4. Love that tableful of artistic delights! No wonder the ladies had so much's because you are!!!!