Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Then there were 14

I love how the Prayer Flags look tied together. They seem much happier banner-style than as singletons; like a huge slightly secretive smile cheering in our yard.
The first flags are still withering away in the sun and the rain. I am more attached to these, probably because they were made for one particular moment in time.

Thankfully the patient husband has yet to put his foot down demanding tree-decorations to be limited to Christmas.


  1. So wonderful to see all the prayer flags decorating your garden! Due to the lighter pieces, it almost looks like they have a face.

  2. Looks great, love them swaying in the wind. xox Corrine

  3. Love them and it was good to see the previous set ans how they have changed.

  4. Denne reisen med flaggene er virkelig
    spennende;følger med deg :-)

  5. Spennende dette ser ut da.
    Skulle egentlig vært naboen din skjønner jeg - så man får noe kreativt og se på - og mye undring også kanskje..........
    Ha en strålende uke :-)

  6. Love the contrast of the 2 sets of prayer flags. They are both beautiful....the one for their new vibrancy and the other for the peaceful endurance of time. Kind of like us as we age!