Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Vaulen is a recreational area not far from our house.
There are small beaches, lawns, trees, paths, playgrounds; all elements of an enjoyable Sunday trip.
The fjord is Gandsfjorden, the same fjord that we see from our house. It is so beautiful, even more with all the new buildings as a backdrop.
All is very green
and grey,
beautiful shimmering greys

with little speckles of yellow

and glorious oranges.
While my guys were building a river
I was wondering how these holes were madeand how there can be this much moss on a tree.Lots of people bring picnics and disposable barbeques and eat their lunches and dinners on the lawn. We will definitely join them next time!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful tour through Vaulen! A beautiful place indeed!

  2. Such a peaceful and inspiring place.

  3. Love the lychens! Nice day out.

  4. What a beautiful place. I think I could sit on those rocks and just enjoy the scenery and peacefulness of the area.

  5. Such beautiful place to have fun days.

  6. Lots of fresh air and sunshine! Sounds like fun!

  7. Thanks for the field trip! Great photos!

  8. Beautiful. Is this where the crosses are? I remember traveling back into Stavanger and their were crosses - three together? Yes, seductive stitching.....xox Corrine

  9. Ah, Norway: the purity of the air, the colours of nature...forever in my heart, and longing to visit again.