Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Make a Smile

Inspired by brand new humans' (babies) instinct to smile at anything resembling a human face, I decided to do a little experiment using myself as a guinea pig. My very non-scientific hypothesis was that making a smile would make me smile, and sharing them with others would make them smile too. With all the hardship going on this summer it felt good doing something fun and positive.
I am happy to report that the first step worked fine; I’m most certainly smiling while making smiles, and cannot help myself smiling again looking at them. Now, others will have to be the judge of the second part; are you inclined to smile looking at these?

Make a Smile Rocks
Make a Smile Fabrics
Make a Smile Boobs
Inspired by Queen of Arts' Rock My World rocks I am planning to leave a few of those little rocks around for someone to find and I already know how I will use the fabrics. The boobs from Sundays' workshop will go into Make a Boob quilts and I have been playing with Play Doh, making smiles that last only a few seconds. I’ll post tutorials on how I have made mine in case you would like to give it a go.

I am sure I’ll find other ways to Make a Smile.

How about you?


  1. You are simply the best. You make me smile all the time.

  2. My smile grew bigger by every new picture of your smiles.

  3. Disse får meg virkelig til å smile:)

    Klem Marita♫♫

  4. How fantastic. You really made me smile and the smile grew bigger for every photo. What a great idea too. You´re creative beyond everything!!!!!!

  5. Vi trenger alle noen smil i hverdag og dette fikk meg i godt humør. Sender noen :) tilbake til deg :) :) :)

  6. So much fun. Thank you, Mrs. Moen. We are recovering from a hurricane on Saturday and I think I need a smile project too!

  7. I know this works because my 13 year old son always makes me "smile", even if I have been nagging him, because he knows that it always makes you feel better.
    A lovely post Nina

  8. This post sure made me smile. Love that fabric! xox Corrine