Thursday, 1 September 2011

Festval of Quilts: Quilts

Having finally gone properly through my FoQ pictures, pairing up quilts and their entry numbers in the catalogue where possible, here’s a little quilt show for you. I was very good at the beginning, photographing the sign beside each quilt, then I lost track and then I pretty much stopped photographing and just enjoyed the show. You have to make a choice at some point, don’t you; documenting an event or staying in the moment.

Anyway; I hope I’ve got the artists right:
Maggie Barber
Alicia Merrett
Linda Robinson
Ruth Parker (detail)
Helen Howes
Anita Welty (detail)
Deborah O’Hare This was the quilt I was looking for which I finally found it at the end of my last day at the show. I had been watching it grow and come to life through little snippets on her blog and had an idea how it would look. The total was even more beautiful than the details by themselves and I was so happy to see it in person (if you can say that about an object at all; in quilt??)
Yoshiko Katagiri
And then I lost track of who made all these wonderful pieces or art. Sorry.
Aaaah, so much beauty in one place…


  1. Thanks for sharing Nina Lise. Some quilts are really beautiful! Love the quilt by Alicia Merrett!

  2. Takk for eit hyggeleg gjensyn med nokre av dei eg også likte best. Alicia Merrett og Maggie Barber sine spesielt.
    Takkar også for koseleg kommentar på bloggen. Rart, det der - inntrykket stemmer ofte når ein treffest.

  3. I am such a traditional quilter. I am always amazed at those people who can take an idea from their head and transfer it to a quilt. These are all wonderful! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. What a WONDERFUL quilt show!

  5. Takk for titten - så mange kreative quilts :)

  6. Wow! All so spectacular. There really is nothing like a quilt show. Inspiring!

  7. Wow, so much to see. I would have sat on the floor in awe for hours. xox Corrine

  8. What a fantastic quilt show!!! Thank you for sharing. There are some incredible quilts!

  9. It was a fantastic show, wasn't it. It was my first ever and I really enjoyed it!!