Thursday, 4 August 2011

Paint Day

I invited daughter and grandson over for Paint Day a couple of weeks ago but I got too carried away painting and forgot to take pictures while we worked.

A double page from the Portuguese calendar; lots and lots of painted layers looking quite mushy mush from afar
but with bright little speckles of colour and light everywhere.
Just like life.


  1. Makes me think of stained glass windows and of course you know how I love that orange. xox Corrine

  2. Not mushy mush at all! It's so lively and the brush strokes have such energy in them. I like the way you can see through the layers to what has gone before, very like life!

  3. Great results! It sounds like all of you had fun with this.

  4. I bet you had loads of fun putting this together! We've had my niece and nephew staying with us for the last couple of days and have spent quite a bit of time in my craft room (they loved the funky fowls cushion too!). I'm exhausted now though!