Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A new Finish It! project

I did not pick this one though, it picked me. I have been listening to its little voice crying for attention in my studio all summer. I even had to turn up the volume on the telly to tune it out in the evenings. In all fairness I should tell you that I usually keep the volume really low so the voice wasn’t that loud.

Anyway; the almost completed columns have been hanging on my new tablecloth design wall for weeks, the poor things just waiting to be pressed and stitched together to fulfil their destiny of being something soft and wonderful.

The natural light in my studio isn’t great so the rich greenish colours look quite grey and sad.
Well, they won’t be from now on. I will finish this quilt Finish It! style; making progress and posting it on a weekly basis. It has worked for me several times before so I’m counting on it helping me finishing in time for my nephew’s confirmation in the beginning of September.

Here I go...


  1. It will be stunning: the fabrics are beautiful and such a good choice of colours.

  2. Looking forward to the finished product!

  3. I like it ! I like it! Why use two colors when you can use 102? Good combo, has a really soothing, mellow feel.

  4. Looks like a perfect Fall quilt! Take some close-ups when it is finished. xox Corrine

  5. Just seen your bird cushion on Sherry's blog - its fab - what characters those birdies are!!

  6. Dette var rett og slett Nyyydelig!