Monday, 26 September 2011


I am knitting my first project ever using alpaca yarn. Sandnes Garn’s Mini Alpaca is super wash (machine washable) and hopefully well suited for baby clothes. Their factory outlet is only 20 minutes from my house so it’s easy to drop by when in need of yarn. Way too easy. And the bargain bins make it that much harder not to buy more than needed. This beautiful blue alpaca came 20 balls in the bag, a total of 1 kg, so I’ll be knitting lots of blue stuff through the winter.

I fell in love with Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Surprise Jacket and Tomten Jacket on Ravelry and ordered the patterns from Schoolhouse Press.

My new knitting bag is a hemp tote bag from Heathrow. How could I not buy one of these?


  1. Hei Nina Lise,
    du kan glede deg til BSJ - men pass deg - den er veldig vanedannande :o)
    Når det gjeld alpakka frå Sandnes, så les dette blogginnlegget her:
    Ikkje særleg lystig lesing.

  2. Hei eg har brukt sandnes alpakka, ikkje mini alpakka. Men det er same garnet berre tjukkelsen er forskjellig. Eg har aldri opplevd dette før, eg har strikka fleire store plagg i dette garnet. Og med hell vaska det i maskina. Så eg får tru at dette er eit eingongs tilfelle. Lykke til. Kor mykje kostar garnet på fabrikkutsalget?

  3. I have an alpaca sweater and it is the warmest and softest ever. Baby will be cuddly in this - I bet his eyes will be that blue! xox Corrine

  4. Isn't alpaca the softest yarn ever?!!! I was in Peru in 1984 where I picked up the cutest alpaca sweater for my 2 year old neice. It was adorable on her...but it was HOT. Those Peruvian children in the Andes must be kept warm, but my neice wore the sweater once for a picture, and then it was never worn again! :)

    Love the blue color...

  5. I see lots of fun blue baby things coming soon.

  6. Oh how fantastic - you live near the yarn paradise!!! You´re going to loooove alpaca!! The jacket is going to be wonderful - I love that color!!

  7. My husband's aunt just sent him a scarf and hat made with alpaca yarn. He hasn't seen it yet (Wednesday is his birthday), but I took a peek. It is oh so soft! This will be perfect for a baby!