Friday, 23 September 2011

"Til konfirmanten"

Ok, so this quilt did not want to be taken pictures of at all. I had no idea greens would be just as hard to photograph as reds, but there you go. Impossible. All the lovely greens look grey and boring. How did that happen. We tried everything except going outside because it was a raining. I’d rather have dull pictures than lugging a soaking wet confirmation gift around.

Anyhow; here it is;
the confirmation quilt for my nephew the night before we headed eastwards; husband moonlighting as a quilt rack. Thank you, dear.


  1. Wonderful gift to a young man. Such a warm and soft hug, but still quite masculine. Love your palette!

  2. Perfect for a young man! I know he will cherish it since it was made by you.

  3. beautiful quilt.
    colors are hard to catch with photos sometimes.
    have a nice weekend.
    hugs, cory/dogwood