Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Boob day

I’m packing up my boob gear again today for another Make a Boob workshop at my guild. My neatly sorted boxes are quite a bit messier now than when grandson and I first meticulously filled them, one bag of beads in each compartment. However, after killing a few hours of moving beads around with a teaspoon at Craftretreat, I confess they will probably stay like that until Make a Boob is finished sometime in the future. Unless there are some neat freaks out there who would love to do it for me.-)

The Make a boob blog has been updated with new arrivals through the summer (click picture to get to that specific post):

The ladies at Quilte Huset/Vestlandsdrakten
I’ll have to do another boob count, but I’d say I have approx 750 boobs now; a number with which I am totally happy.


  1. Wishing you another wonderful boob day at your guild! 750, That’s quite a number!

  2. That is so exciting 750, wow. Quite the project...xox

  3. they look amazing! And I lvoe your organizer,, it has ORANGE on it, and a wee little face... ha!

  4. Very impressive boobs you've got there Nina Lise ;-) !!!!!