Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Make a Banner

Not only am I a slow poke quilter, I am also a slow poke gift giver. This name banner was finished in February for my friend’s first grandson who was born in November last year. After several attempts, I finally handed over the quilt to grandma Gro last week for her to pass on to the proud parents and little boy.

A tutorial on how to make a scrappy name banner is up here. I forgot to measure the quilt though, so use any measurement you’d like, I will never know the difference and neither will you.

I’m doing work work at home and have moved my laptop into my studio this week. For some strange reason I’m less distracted residing smack down in the middle of all my creative mess than anywhere else in the house. Go figure.


  1. Takk for nydeleg ide og ein ypparleg beskrive framgangsmåte!

  2. Very nice....and the quilting gives it so much texture.