Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday afternoon

Tonight is another Friday Night Sew In, and I thought I’d join in. I’m thinking of revisiting my Rainbow Runner.“Rainbow?” you might think, but have a look at the back and you’ll understand the somewhat non-self-explanatory name.

The top is made from leftover blocks from way back when I first got started quilting and my material of choice was thrifted fabrics and IKEA thread in every colour known to mankind and some not even so.

I will make it into a table runner for my dining room table. My table has up till now been runner-free; partly because I kept it buried under quilting stuff for so long. Well; not any more.

Have a wonderful Friday; I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures of the table runner. And perhaps some knitting? Maybe there’s something good on the telly to keep me company while I’m stitching...


  1. Love the rainbow on the back.

  2. Enjoy yur Friday night stitching! You have some wonderful projects on the go!