Saturday, 3 September 2011

Rainy Saturday

It’s grey and wet and windy outside, a little taste of the months ahead of us, but inside it’s warm and colourful.
I have managed to keep this orchid alive for 2 ½ years which is a mrsmoenwide record. It was a birthday present from daughter and grandson and it’s delicate and pink and gorgeous. My mother is an orchid lover and thought me how to care for them. She learned it at an orchid plantation in Malaysia. Once a week I put my orchids under the tap, letting the water run all over the soil and roots and each leaf, add a little fertilizer and leave them in the sink for a few hours to drain excess water out (my flowers are in those plastic see through containers with holes in the bottom).

There won’t be much quilting going on at my house today but definitely some creative activities with our young man/weekend companion/grandson.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend wherever you are and whatever you do.


  1. The orchids you keep are beautiful!

    It’s a warm and sunny day here today, but we will have thunderstorms and showers later tonight.

    I hope your weekend will be filled with boyish laughter!

  2. The orchid is beautiful! I have a couple of planted baskets that are still alive after almost a year and I am amazed that I haven't killed them yet.

    Have a fun time with that darling young man this weekend!

  3. I murdered many an orchid before finally learning the slow drip in the sink trick! Now I've managed to get 3 different plants to re-bloom several times each. Woohoo! They are so incredibly beautiful, I just love them.

  4. so beautiful.
    i love the soft colors and fragile petals.