Monday, 5 September 2011


I’m thinking of making another of these.

This one was made for the baby of a friend of mine a few years ago and I loved playing with all those little scraps and strings and leftover triangles. I don’t know the gender of my grandbaby-to-be yet, but I need a new friendly-little-sewing-group-meeting project.

I could start piecing all those little scraps together. Yeah; I’ll start a new string quilt; I sure have scraps enough.


  1. Naturlegvis har vi meir enn nok restar av striper, trekantar og firkantar for slike teppe! :-D ! Likte ekstra godt at stripene hadde ulik breidde!

  2. That’s a gorgeous scrappy quilt! And why not make another one if you have so much scraps? Enjoy!

  3. skal du bli bestemor igjen? Så koselig, gratulerer så mye.
    Ett nydelig teppe. Skal bli spennende å se hvordan det neste blir :D

  4. What a fabulous idea to use all the scraps.
    Thank you for the advice on my wool bag, hopefully I can do it.

  5. Love this one! Thanks for sharing.

  6. It's kind of a coin on an angle... I love it. Really pretty. And if you didn't have the scraps, it's a pretty enough quilt to cut up fabric especially for it! Very pretty.

  7. Läckert teppe. Härligt att få rensa ut lite bland remsorna förstår jag.

  8. What baby wouldn't love to be cuddled under this bright bit of love! xox Corrine

  9. oh, i love that sweet little quilt.
    i am starting on a "postage stamp" quilt.
    so exciting.
    happy evening.