Wednesday, 19 October 2011

All about batting

Tonight is the October meeting at my guild, and the theme is batting.

We had the same lecture at the April meeting, but I’m sure I’ll learn something new as it is almost impossible to remember everything about each and every batting type, despite teeny tiny notes.

We got these samples last time and are supposed to bring them tonight; I wish I did remember where I put mine after I took these pictures.


  1. They are where you thought you put them you just put something on top of them. That is what I always find out when I look for something.

  2. I always think: WWTD = What would Terri do? If I put it somewhere logical, then I probably will find it. Buuuut if I put it away quickly while cleaning - then it's anybody's guess where it might be. I hope you are like the logical me... I wish I was.

  3. they are buried deeply inside the stash I am sure! LOL xox Corrine