Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Awareness month

It’s October and finally the day of the first Make a Boob workshop for the Breast cancer association as a part of the breast cancer awareness month.

It will be a small group; even better for connecting with each participant. I won’t be able to show pictures from the workshops as I feel I would invade their privacy, but hopefully there will be a few finished boobs to share.

I’m so excited (and a bit nervous); I have been working towards this month for almost a year as this was my initial idea and goal for this project, and I am able to do this thanks to you guys. Thank you!


  1. Have a wonderful workshop. I know you have worked hard to make this happen and it will mean so much to so many people. xox

  2. You are doing such a wonderful thing! Enjoy the workshop! I am interested in hearing how it goes.