Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Double trouble

Last month I was planning to start another string quilt as a bring-along-to-sewing-group project, but as I searched through my boxes I realized I did not have that many strings prepared as I thought. Not having a lot of time before I was leaving (me being the key keeper and all) I had a look around in one of the closets in my studio. Most of the fabrics here are old and not much used lately, so I took pity in them and decided I would make quilts for my twin nieces (hence the double trouble) for their confirmation in April next year limiting myself to the content of said closet.

I discovered a few red and blue squares in a drawer, leftovers from Christmas presents for daughter and husband back in 2003, and added 4 fabrics that would sort of go with them,

using this Liberty of London fabric as a kick start fabric.

I was able to cut and sew about 1/4 of the blocks at my group

not too happy with the fact that my ¼” foot is not ¼” but leaving me with these little flaps
to cut off on each block. I have been checking if the Janome O2 true ¼” foot can be used on my machines, but no such luck.

Oh well; I’m off to search my closet for more Double trouble fabrics. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. So you will be double busy! The 1/4" foot on my Janome isn’t a real 1/4" too. I always have to put the needle more to the right.