Thursday, 6 October 2011


I wish I was one of those quilters who love their seam rippers and name them cute names like Jack the ripper (no that there was anything cute about the real Jack). I am not. I have one seam to unsew in this scrappy WIP; one piece of fabric that does not play nicely with the others. The poor fellah has been waiting patiently for a long, long time for me to put it out of its misery, not making a sound.

Well, wait no more; a pointy sharp little thingie is coming to your rescue.


  1. Seam ripping, I don’t love it but I wouldn’t know what to do without that little sharp ripper. It’s the notion I have the most of! They are everywhere, just in case!

  2. When I was in my first home ec class, the teacher did not allow seam rippers. The reason was that she had had a tragedy while making a garment for a college level class - ripped a hole with the seam ripper. So, for YEARS ripping out a seam for me meant picking out a seam with straight pins. Boy, does that teach you to be careful and try not to make mistakes in the first place!!! Yes, I do have a seam ripper now, but I don't use it often.

  3. I am glad you are the perfectionist and not me, I cannot see a thing wrong with this!!!! xox Corrine