Tuesday, 11 October 2011


My first Baby surprise jacket is finished; I just need to stitch the two seams on top of the sleeves and sew on buttons. I might add cuffs as the sleeves seem a bit short. Maybe I should measure a store bought jacket first.

It is so incredible soft and I’m crossing my fingers it won’t shrink in the washing machine like this one did (thanks for the link, Miranne, and for answering my question, Linda).

Miranne warned me that BSJs are addictive. I believe her.

I have started on the Tomten jacket for grandson; it’s much bigger, but hopefully won’t take too much time to finish.


  1. Looks beautiful. I never made this pattern, although is's very famous!!! My experience with measurements for babys is that you find on the web a lot difference!!

  2. It looks so fuzzy and warm. Tomtem jacket should be gorgeous too. I love how that hood will keep his little head really warm. xox Corrine