Monday, 30 January 2012

2012 FMQC January

My practice cloth for the Free Motion Quilting Challenge does not look much like a Miss January, more like Mr. January which is fine. I made 3 sandwiches last night from a couple of scraps of blue fabric from my old stash. I had just enough for the 3 of them and am thinking place mats for my parents; one for each of them and one for the middle of the table.

The 2” wide strips of checked fabric were spray basted onto the sandwiches and secured by zigzag stitching around the edges.

The natural light was long gone by the time I finished quilting, so I tried taking pictures both with and without the natural daylight lamp. None of them worked very well.

I quite like the turquoise thread against the blue grey solid.

The stitches look well enough on the front but not that great on the back. The sewing machine has been parked for a few years and smelled a bit funky when I cranked it up, so I’ll have to figure out our tension issues as he and I get reacquainted. Oh well; I have decided I won’t focus on perfect stitches while working my way through the challenge, but more on the fun of free motion stitching and practicing new doodling patterns.

Leaves: Check!


  1. Looking good, I'd say. I love how rounded and organic your leaves look. Very nice!

  2. Love the quilt stitches, hearts and or vining leaves, both work, yum. xox Corrine

  3. This is beautiful - I really love those hearts! And the fact that you decided to have fun. Good luck with it!!

  4. Dette ser veldig bra ut synes nå jeg. Gøy er det i alle fall og en anledning til å passe på å trene på frihåndsquilting - ikke bare tenke på at man skulle ha trent....... :-)
    Lykke til videre med utfordringen.

  5. Looking good (on the front that I can see, at least!!). I hope you can get your tension issues resolved. I find that so frustrating. Just wondering: Are you using a quilting needle (with longer eye) to help form a complete stitch through the thickness of the sandwich?

  6. I'm impressed. I think your stitching and your design look absolutely fantastic. I hope you are having fun in the 2012 FMQ Challenge. I know I am.


  7. the blue thread on the dark looks amazing! Looks great~!