Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Card Day #1

Daughter and I spent a delightfully creative day together making invitations for the new baby’s christening; fingers covered with glue and table covered with mess. Perfect!

This is her design (as you probably can tell from the lack of orange); I was just a pair of helping hands. We stamped and glued and tried out different layouts and materials and finally put her die cut thingie to good use (did I say I went a little crazy shopping for scrapbooking supplies?).

We are going to make place cards and thank you cards soon; better to do it now before the baby is born and the mother still can focus for more than 3 minutes. Thankfully I have enough card stock and stuff for a few more cards. Just a few.-)


  1. Koselige kort. Det nærmer seg vel termin etterhvert nå. Håper alt står bra til med mor og barn :D
    Ha en fin dag!!

  2. Oh please tell us what DAP means?!!!

  3. Delightful cards....yes what does DAP stand for?

  4. Take me for a ride in those buggy's. Cute cards. xox Corrine

  5. Cute cards... so thoughtful to send handmade.

  6. What a great job you both did on the cards - they're perfect! It's so much nicer receiving hand made cards rather than shop bought and it's clear yours were made with love.

    I've just seen the photos of you and your lovely grandson in the snow a few posts down - they're beautiful! I can't get over all that snow though x

    ps, yes, I was wondering what DAP meant too.