Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Make a Fleece border/binding

This morning my book was sent off to test-printing (sorry, don’t have the English publishing lingo down; barely the Norwegian). I expected to feel relief, but I am still just as worked up as I was when I tried to get to sleep last night. I am not complaining though; it has been an amazing experience, and the thrill of finishing on time! Wow, what a rush!

Now I need to pick up where I left off, and there’s no better place to start than right here on my blog. I have been looking through my backlog of pictures, and found a couple of tutorials I was planning to do earlier

You’ll find the Make a Fleece border/binding tutorial posted over here at my tutorial blog, Mrs Moen How to’s. A little warning though - there are lots of pictures!

I’m off to spend a few hours with daughter and baby. Cannot wait:-)


  1. Kan tenke meg du er i ekstase :D Må nok kjøpe boka når den kommer ut, i håp om å få den signert av forfatteren selv :D Ha en fin onsdag!!

  2. Kjem boka til årsmøtet(det er lov å vere optimist)? Kjem du på årsmøtet?
    Spennande tider, Nina Lise. Nyt det!

  3. I have heard that publishing a book is as exhilarating as giving birth! Once those 'new mommy' hormones settle down, life will return to normal...until the book is released to the public!!! Congrats on the upcoming book and kuddos to you for persevering through the process!

  4. Hope you enjoy your much deserved family time now.