Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Brag Day

Sure, I can do zippers.

Don’t ask how many times I had to sew this one on, but daughter’s new makeup bag is already put to good use.

The gorgeous pink flowery fabric is from a tiny thrifted tablecloth.

And while on the subject of bragging, we’ve got this little fellow. Daughter has a photographer friend who took this portrait last week (posted with her and his permission).

I love how those little baby faces change every minute.

Being grandma of one fantastic boy is amazing; two is no less than a miracle.


  1. Congratulations!! What great photos--thanks for my smile this morning!! :-)

  2. They are just precious! Love those faces! So cute.....thanks for sharing. Glad everyone is doing well. Peace....

  3. Gorgeous!
    The boys, (not the zippers. I hate putting those things in!)

  4. Where he is wearing stripes, the bottom left looks like a miniature of my son in law!
    Oh, and I love the picture of the two grandsons together. The big boy looks so responsible, and the baby so happy. Thanks for sharing your photos. I love baby pictures.

  5. Thank you for the photos!!! Oh, that little mosaic of his faces is so funny and his B&W portrait adorable. And okay, nice zipper.

  6. Oh the picture of the two boys just makes me melt. xox Corrine

  7. Grandies are just the best and your's are beautiful