Sunday, 4 March 2012

Catching up on sketches

I had a wonderful 24 hour visit from daughter and grandsons; not too much sleep as I volunteered taking care of the little one overnight so mom could get some rest, but totally peaceful and fuzzy and warm. The baby was totally a star, sleeping and eating when he was supposed to; it is just me that am 5 years older than last time and still trying to catch up on my own sleep after a rather hectic few months.

However, as soon as they left the house, I grabbed grandson’s drawing gear and my Sketchbook Challenge sketchbook, determined to catch up on the 7 months I have missed out on. No paint, no glue, no fancy markers, just coloured kids’ pencils and markers and motifs which are right here in front of me. One hour, no waiting, 7 sketches, all done.

August: Everyday objects
My glasses which I have loved for 4 years although they don’t quite do the trick anymore so I have ordered 3 new pair of glasses (of which I needed 2 but the 3rd was free)

September: Unfurled
A new flower on the beautiful orchid I got for Mother’s Day

October: View
A rough outline of the view from where I sit but without the flowers and object d’art-s that adorn the sill – manmade structures and nature’s scenery, both beautiful in their own way

November: Imaginary animals
Ok, so this bird is not right here in front of me; Norway might be exotic to some of you, but not that exotic

December: Trashed, ruined and decay
The edge of the carpet under the coffee table, worn where we usually sit, telling the story of the family with who it has been living for, oh I don’t know, 15 years

January: Doodling
Doodling a heart shape with fat markers which totally makes me seasick

February: Close up
A corner of my camera case which has really cool interlocking letters

Hopefully I’ll have time for more artistic attempts at sketching this month, but at least I caught up. Next on my list is quilting feathers for the Free motion Quilting Challenge on which I am (surprisingly enough) falling behind already.


  1. Oooh, you've been so very productive - your sketches look great. If only I had a little one to be around to inspire me like that!

    Love your happy quilt in the post below too.

  2. This looks like a great exercise to get those creative juices flowing. Maybe even this non-artist could have a go one day!

  3. p.s. any chance of another baby photo?

  4. Great sketching practice, the doodling reminds me of Keith Haring and I expect to see it on a wall on some street. Yum. xox Corrine