Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Some of the joys of life are all about contrasts – like earlier today when I had the joy of spending a couple of hours in a dentist’s chair having long overdue work done on my teeth. I bite and grind my teeth, like big time, and have done some damage brushing them too hard, so they needed to be fixed. Usually I don’t care what the dentist does, he’s a lovely man and all that, but whatever he does with all his doodahs is of no importance to me – that is when I’m not in his chair. However, that feeling of relief when he puts down his drilling equipment is pure joy. You see – contrasts – if the drilling wasn’t so unpleasant, the joy when it’s over wouldn’t be so pure.

This weekend was quite full of contrasts too, especially regarding the weather. The last weekend we spent at the cabin was windy and wet, and now it was all bright and sunny.

Husband was cutting down some of the birches that are growing in the slope close to the house, and of course grandson was helping. Husband is very calm and patient, but I was all nerves watching them, so afraid that the little one would fall down and hurt himself – again. I was nagging and nagging until I got sick of myself and started looking around instead.
I noticed where I should have put my erosion bundles
(husband’s old cement blender)

all the textures and colours in the birch

and the contrast between old wood and new

and the little specs of greens between the flora of yesteryear

and the old and the young trees from this post that were still talking

and the light and shadows

and the beauty of blues and neutrals (great colour scheme for a quilt I’d say).

The guys were playing grandson’s favorite game – racing self made boats and rescuing them again with lots of cheering and excitement and a few water-induced accidents that needed to dry out

and making rivers and quays in the lake.

We need to spend more time up there, and I need to find something to do until I can go back to handwork because I was going mad not doing anything but playing Wordfeud and DrawSomething in the evenings after the little one had gone to sleep. Talk about contrasts…


  1. I know, I've said it before, but your grandson is soooo cute. Looks like he is having alot of fun with his boats. Makes me wish I was a little boy.
    Good thing you took your pictures of the talking trees... nature has a way of changing things before you can get there with your camera. There was a gnarled acacia in our neighborhood that I just loved, wanted to paint a picture of it - someday. Well, that neighbor cut it down one day, and that was that.
    Hope your hand recoups soon.

  2. Looks like such a beautiful place to be in nature Nina Lise, and I agree, grandson is sooooooo cute. Want to just hug the little guy and his brother too! Great photos of your natural surroundings. Take good care of the hand. xox Corrine

  3. Dette var veldig kjekke bilder - det spirer og gror og når en ser dette så vet vi at snart er sommeren her. Deilig.