Monday, 12 March 2012

Random act

I love little random acts of goodness and have been so lucky to be in both the giving and receiving end of a few. This time one arrived in a surprise package from Brenda of Scraps and Strings; lovely fabric pieces in delicious colours – all the way from a recycled 70ies tablecloth to Brenda’s own hand dyed fabrics,

the luscious Nanna,

a beautiful printed linen pocket

and my very first selvage item, a handy needle book.

Thank you so much, Brenda, I can’t wait to get back to sewing! Brenda is a master of strings and has set up the String Thing Along blog which I did sign up for a while ago. Pop over and have a look at her blog and the string blog; you’ll want to grab your scrap bin and make something colourful and fun for sure!

I’m still trying to catch my breath, catch up on sleep, catch up on laundry, well, catch up on everything really. Last week I folded, glued and packed what seemed like a gazillion patterns for retail. I promised a couple of the local quilt shops they could sell some of my patterns more than a year ago and finally got around to doing the printing, photos and zipper bags. What I could have done was to only pack up the number of patterns required and leave the rest for whenever (if ever) I needed them. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I need to finish things Right Now. My brain won’t let me rest until it’s done. I assume that’s why I’m out of breath, clean underwear and sleep deprived…


  1. you're very welcome. I'm glad it got there safely.

  2. You are very lucky. And Brendas blog is a magical world!! Exciting to see what you sew from it!! Oh, and do not worry: Buy new underwear, get your family to clean and take a deep breath!!!

  3. Lovely gifties. I think those selvedge projects are fantastic. I found the whole blog dedicated to them and it is wonderful - xox

  4. We are both lucky girls... me to know you, and you to know Brenda. Wow... she sent you some nice ingredients. What will you make?

  5. at least you have clean underwear!