Tuesday, 13 March 2012

One basket

I was so happy with this first crocheted basket that the needle won’t be retired any time soon. It is a slow sport, I’d say, taking many evenings to finish one basket using 2 strands of (Mandarin Petit) cotton yarn and a 4mm needle.

It can be used at full height

or folded down to more of a bowl shape

It has bulls’ eye bottom

and a wonky little finishing bump.

It’s useful because it will hold a small collection of cars – and can be tossed into the washer or dryer if dirty.

I wasn’t quite sure it would fit daughter’s taste with all the different colours, but she loves it and wants many more. I have to say I love this appreciating-everything-handmade-trend we have going and hope it will last for many, many years. Do you have the same trend where you live? Anyway, as a handmade-obsessive I love it and I’m a big time supplier of handmade goodies to my family.

More baskets to follow.


  1. First of all: Your family is so lucky!!! I experience a lot of appreciation for handmade things. Thankfully there are so many nice things to make and it is much easier to find something that the receiver will like. But, some do not appreciate handmade things. I think that is ok - people are entitled to have their own opinion. I do not give handmade to people who do not like it - or do not appreciate it. Handmade is really heart made - if you know what I mean. Have a lovely day - I love your basket. It is so cheerful!!

  2. It's FABULOUS!!!1 I love it! ( i want one too!) ;-)

  3. What a great creation. The colors are so inviting...you have made it fun to put the toys away!

  4. This is GORGEOUS! I really need to learn to crochet. I hear it is very easy to do; I just don't need one more thing to take up my time!

  5. Having places to stash little cars is very important in your daughter's world, and to have something as pretty as this, well no wonder she wants more...xox Corrine

  6. Handmade gifts are the best! I love receiving them and love giving them.