Monday, 26 March 2012

Slow cooking

Any handwork goes under the slow cooking category at my house these days. However, the background for the christening quilt is quilted. I love how simple straight lines can transform this

to this.

The cotton batting is bearding quite a lot, but nothing a good sweep with the lint roller thingie cannot fix.

I remembered why I never used up this batting a little too late…


  1. It looks fabulous! You are right...quilting makes quilt the difference!

    Just curious if all that much quilting makes the quilt stiff or not?

  2. Bearding is not a happy thing with a a dark quilt. Lots and lots of lint rolling is in your future.

  3. I love it shows off the lines of the quilt perfectly!

  4. Your quilt is great! I wouldn't worry about the bearding. It can be fixed... like the spelling and grammar in a great story.

  5. I just love Channel quilting on garments, and it looks wonderful on your Christening quilt, too....bearded or no.