Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hurra for 17. mai!

(Picture from here)
Today is our national day here in Norway, and we are celebrating the day like we always do. First we’ll watch the children’s parade, and then have coffee with my sister and nieces at the school. I do hope they have gone back to indoor seating this year as the weather forecast does not look good. The school gym cafe gets very crowded and messy in a nice kind of way, and much better than trying to eat your cake outdoors in the rain. The day will be wrapped up with dinner at the in laws. There are a few hours break in between there which I hope to spend in my sewing room. I have been experimenting with painting with fabrics lately and am getting just a little bit obsessed. What else is new.

We had a little preview of the 17th of May spirit yesterday when daughter and I watched Big G(randson, cute blogging names for the two of them yet to come) in his kindergarten parade. Sorry about the grainy photo; had to cut away everyone not related to me.

It was wet, the parade was delayed, it is quite a long walk for the little ones but the spirits were high both in the young ones and those of us watching them.

I love watching those parades although watching is an understatement as audience participation such as choking, humming (or singing for the brave ones), and waving and cheering at our kids is involved. This is how a hopefully properly censured overall picture looks.
After the parade Baby G had his bottle in the car before we stopped by the kindergarten for a hot dog and went home, wet shoes and all. I was just starting getting prepared for the book lecture & show and tell when I was reminded (both by email and text thank you very much) that our monthly guild meeting is not until next week. Honestly, I did know that, it just slipped my mind. Most people (of the female gender anyway) are quite busy on the evening of the 16th, getting ready for the celebrations, so it’s not a good date for meetings of any kind. Besides, having another week to prepare is not a bad thing, it would have been worse if it had been the other way around I’d say.

You can see pictures from previous 17th of May celebrations here and here. Our national costumes, bunad, pictures here and here, are also well worth a look.

Happy 17th of May everybody - wherever you live!


  1. Big grandson looks like a blue and green superhero in his rain outfit ready to take on the world. Your daughter looks soooo pretty in that pose. Too bad about the rain, but the parade must go on. Happy Norway Day. xox

  2. Heisan og gratulerer med dagen til deg og dine.
    Håper det ble en flott dag. Vi holdt ut til barne toget var over og hutret oss hjem i varmen etterhvert. :)) Klem fra meg :))

  3. Happy Norway Day Nina Lise.

  4. Looks like everyone had a great day. Your grandson is growing up so fast and so handsome! Love the hardware fabric and especially enjoyed the inking of fibers. Great ideas. You are always so creative. Happy Norway Day!