Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Reboot, Step 1

To pick myself up after (or rather drag myself out of) the post-book-hibernating/post-crochet-disaster, I have been spending quite some time rebooting my creativity. To me rebooting means playing, giving myself permission to fail and make crap, and to try out any ideas and supplies I have been storing away. As the book was all about figurative projects, I have felt, as you might have noticed from all my mixed media posts lately, the need of freeing myself and be as artsy as it gets.

During my resent studio rearrangement, a few things resurfaced: 1,6 kg of (acrylic??) fibers

some 2 ½” squares of questionable fabric and paper tape. What if I combine them with a leftover piece of a table cloth

and punch some circles from aluminum foil using the Squeeze Punch (which I love)

add some of the fiber

cover them with pieces of leftover tulle

overlapping where one ends and the next begins

and free motion quilt some flower-ish shapes.

Hmmm, interesting.


  1. Så spennende og artig! Det er kjekt og fint å blande materialer og eksprimentere. Jeg holder på med noe lignende for tiden, men jeg lager et stykke, og har tenkt å klippe motiver o.l. ut av det;)

  2. Extraordinary!!! I am so amazed by your way of getting out of a comfort zone and let inspiration and creativity flow. What an inspiration to all of us!!! Thank you for sharing!!! An amazing quilt!!!

  3. What wonderful results from playtime. It's such a good change to make something not for any reason, but just because. And often something appears that will be taken a lot further, later on.

  4. Fantastic free play, your shapes do make me think of those handle less tea cups though...I was picturing hand wrapping around them. See where the mind goes if you don't think? Keep playing..........xox

  5. i've recently discovered your blog via the prayer flags project and i think i like it~!

    love the "what-ifing" process and so agree with Corrine about the tea cups visual.
    i love what you've done with found studio stuff here.

    i hope you don't mind if i've added you to my sidebar. i think i'll be a frequent visiter here~!


  6. You're an inspiration. I'll happily look at any crap you make (although, I've never officially seen any here, but if you make it, I will come).

  7. Interesting? No, I would use the word UNBELIEVABLE. Oh how I wish I could be so 'interesting'... You truly are an artist.

  8. Love it! I wish I could find the "artist" in me to take such simple things and make them fabulous like you do.

  9. Your experimental pieces are wonderful Nina-Lise and this quilt is no exception.