Wednesday, 23 May 2012

It's a top!

Tonight is the May guild meeting for which I almost showed up a week too early, which means I’ll be talking about my book tonight. I am looking forward to the show & tell part as no one, except for my closest family and the publisher/ stylist/ photographer, have seen the quilts. As you know, everything looks different up close and personal, and so do these little projects. There are quite a few details that do not show in the pictures but make a lot of impact in real life.

We have all been invited to sew together for a few hours before the meeting, so I just might do that. The string top is finished and ready to baste onto the already washed fleece backing.

I had to add, oh I don’t know, about ¾” to the side borders to make them fit, and I do cheat – make little marks to line up with the seams between the rows. It’s the only way I can make them flat instead of wavy or wrinkly.

I always wonder how people make perfectly fitted borders. Really, how do you do that??

Maybe I need to do this as a Finish It! project to make it in time for the recipient’s birthday - make progress and blog about it once a week. It does work for me; things actually get finished that way.
First I’ll be cuddling the little one for a couple of hours though:)


  1. Congratulations on your quilt top! It looks really colourful, really nice! About perfectly fitted borders I can tell you nothing, because mine never are perfect.

  2. This quilt top is so happy, such abundance bursts of color, makes me smile. xox

  3. Yeah for cuddling! I hope your meeting was lots of fun. I learned to measure through the middle of the quilt for accurate border length/width, then pin the centre point of the border with the centre point of the edge you're sewing it to. Pin at the ends as well and ease the rest as you sew. Of course, if you have a pieced border that has to match piecing in the quilt, all this goes out the window!

  4. I hope the meeting went well and I envy all those people who got to see your finished quilts in real life!

    Your quilt top looks fabulous and I can't believe you can't get your borders to fit perfectly - but if you can't, well there's hope for us all yet - lol!

  5. Oh that hang....the baby dimples....I want to kiss it too! The top turned out great and I love how you mixed the fabric...that is what I do too...I just play with stuff I have, just like you and find what pleases my eye.