Sunday, 10 June 2012

ATCs Foundation

Remember I have been experimenting with mixing my media? Well, one of those experiments was transformed into ATCs for the ATC swap at the Quilting Gallery. Right now half of my ATCs are on their merry way to their recipients, so no pictures of the finished ones just yet, but I thought I could share a few of the steps I went through to make them.

For the foundation I used a piece of green craft felt. I covered it with fusible web; a great project for using up some of all those little pieces of leftover odd shaped pieces of web and glue that has come off the paper.

For the next layer I used a bag of scraps that resurfaced during the recent rearrangement of the studio. The scraps were from the appliqu├ęd shapes on a quilt I made for daughter’s 16th birthday almost a decade ago – pieces of fusible on the back and all. This step was lots of fun, just laying down pieces overlapping each other until the felt was covered. With all those weird shapes it was quite a challenging puzzle, but it all came together in the end and with only a few tiny scraps to spare.

Covering the whole thing with baking paper, I fused everything in place. Thank goodness for the paper as no matter how careful I was, one of the pieces had ended up with the glue side up.

Looks like a hot mess, doesn’t it, but just wait and see…


  1. It looks like a creative mind at work. Excited to see the amazing finish.

  2. Looks like an interesting collage in the works, I bet they were swell. xox

  3. i completely agree~!
    looks like creativity and FUN~!!!~
    love seeing the process of others as they work and am anxious to see your atc's.
    i'd love to trade with you if you're interested.