Wednesday, 13 June 2012

ATCs Layers

After my foundation was in place, I started adding layers of different types of fibers

from sheer fabrics to paper ribbons

and with a layer of grey tulle on top to tone the bright down a notch.

Then I pinned the layers together to keep them from shifting too much during quilting as sheers and tulle can be quite slippery materials with which to work.

And last, but not least, studying the surface through the lens, enjoying how the big messy surface is turning into small pieces of art in each frame.

These pictures were taken in my studio with a daylight lamp as the light source. I am always surprised how much more realistic the colours seem than when I take pictures in my living room in full daylight, especially when using tulle. The tulle seems to take center stage and cast a little shadow on the background when lit from the side. Hmm, how do I get around that…


  1. Dette er moro, og kan brukes til så mye! Og så trenger man ikke å kaste noen rester;) Og så ser det imponerende ut for de som ikke kan det, etter at det er sydd oppå:) Og jeg tror du er flink til å utnytte det meste;)

  2. I love to see how you play with all these materials.

    Could it be that your camera focusses on the top layer and therefore the layers under the tule are less visible? (...just a thought)

  3. You are a true artist!! I use a lamp with daylight and it is so much better than even outside...

  4. I have always loved to see these layered creations of yours, but have not yet had the guts to try it myself. But thank you for keeping me enjoying your work through these pictures.

  5. Don't know about all the lighting issues but I like what I am seeing in your ATC layers. xox