Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Book report

Book reports can be fun, especially when you get to talk about your own book. I did a presentation of Gledesspredere at our guild meeting two weeks ago - talking about the competition I won, the process, the quilts, just talking and answering questions and enjoying myself despite the hot weather.

There are more pictures from the day posted at the guild (Rogaland Quiltelag) blog.

Today is the monthly meeting with my quilting friends which means lots of laughs and hopefully making some progress on the string quilt. First I’m off to do (have? take? have one taken? have one done? oh, never mind) a mammogram though…

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I love seeing all the samples from the book and of course I have two here anyway that I adore.....xox

  2. Jeg kjøpte boka di og ga den bort til min datter på hennes 38-årsdag. Håper hun likte dine fine kreasjoner! Det gjorde i allefall jeg! Derfor måtte jeg legge deg inn i bloggelista mi også... Ha en flott uke! Hilsen Synnøve

  3. Your book must be a delight. I love everything you do. I cherish my "Put on a Happy Face" and share it with everyone who comes into my home.